What to Bring

Thank you for making an appointment.   What to expect and what to bring

• Yourself, your baby, and a support person if available.

• Your partner, mom, sister, and/or friend are welcome, as they typically will remember information.

• Wear comfortable clothing.

• It’s best if your baby is neither starving nor stuffed. Arrange the earlier feedings so that baby is likely to be hungry soon after you arrive.

• If you are having difficulty making all the milk your baby needs, bring some milk you’ve pumped or whatever else you are feeding the baby, and necessary supplies.

• If you are having difficulty pumping, are planning to pump, or if it is uncomfortable to breastfeed, bring your breastpump and kit. If you are renting the hospital-grade pump, only bring the kit (accessories), we have an Ameda/Platinum pump.

• Plan on arriving 10 minutes early to get checked in and have your insurance verified so there are no financial surprises. Your initial appointment is 60 minutes, follow-ups are 45 minutes. We strive to greet you and guide you to our room within minutes of your scheduled appointment so you don’t wait. If you are running late, please let us know 775.982.6365, please come, but keep in mind, that the appointment cannot go longer than the allotted time. We can always schedule a follow-up.

• Relax. And give yourself a pat on the back for seeking assistance. Our goal is to leave you with a plan to feel empowered and more confident in your breastfeeding journey. Your personal plan is written with details in your MyChart. You will be notified by MyChart when it is complete.  99% of the time, it is completed by the end of the day.  It can be viewed once it is completed under appointments and then view notes.