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Breastfeeding Medicine combines lactation and medicine to  meet the specific needs of families desiring to breastfeed.  Over a 30 year journey  participating in the explosion of varied levels of lactation support,  families can be very confused as to what ‘help” they are actually getting. In a breastfeeding medicine practice families can be assured of the highest quality of care as I take a whole family approach to your baby’s well-being. You will receive  comprehensive support for complex and joyful breastfeeding. 

Families are emotionally and physically exhausted and rightfully concerned about their milk supply, their baby’s growth, disposition and their own ability to painlessly nourish their baby.  This evidence-based center  builds on both tried-and-true methods coupled with the latest research to  untangle a feeding problem, help identify the parents’ goals and empower then to nourish and nurture their babies.  A thorough assessment is performed  based on the history of mom and baby which may  includes an infant oral exam to evaluate for tongue restrictions and the myriad of other oral structure and functional issues that may be interfering with breastfeeding. 

Creating a Healthier Community by Helping Mothers Breastfeed Their Babies:      Since 1988! 

Although breastfeeding is portrayed as natural and mother-infant feeding seems intuitive, it is not culturally normal, instead it is a learned behavior that can require guidance, confidence building and fine tuning. Robin’s lactation practice grew out of a strong desire to understand the science underlying breastfeeding and lactation in an effort to find solutions for her clients’ difficulties. With Breastfeeding Medicine,  parents like you will be provided with expert guidance, skills and information in meeting your  breastfeeding goals. Each family is  unique, and you will be worked with closely to develop a customized plan that will transform your breastfeeding experience and ultimately, your life long bond.

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