Breastfeeding Circle


Every Tuesday at 11am

Every Thursday at 11am

Renown Regional Medical Center

Lactation Connection  982-5210


Many breastfeeding mothers encounter unexpected joys and apprehensions throughout the breastfeeding journey. Rather than handle these in isolation, come to The Breastfeeding Circle where mothers find a crucial source of support to meet their own breastfeeding goals and quite often release struggles that may occur within the beauty of a breastfeeding relationship. Mothers discuss their experiences and concerns such as milk supply, pumping, going back to work, sleeping or lack of sleep, to name just a few. Someone will inevitably have a suggestion, if not a definitive answer, to your challenge.  Robin and Mary primarily  facilitate this time and believe in informed choice and provides impartial, research-based information.

A gram sensitive scale is available for weighing your baby and if interested, doing before and after breastmilk intake weights. This is not a personal consultation time, so if issues are too great for the group, a referral for a private appointment can be arranged.

Any amount of breastfeeding or using breastmilk is seen as positive and normal.  This is not an exclusively breastfeeding only group, mother’s may prefer or need to bottle feed their pumped milk, shared milk or formula.  However, being WHO compliant, exchanging formula coupons or the company’s “gifts” are not promoted.

  • Breastfeeding Circle  is highly valuable, but is always complementary to you

Pregnant women are warmly invited to attend our Circles with our new mothers. You can get your questions answered and be confident in this resource for after the birth of your baby

Moms are learning to mother and breastfeed.  Therefore, to provide for the new and first time moms comfort, privacy and safety, it is not always appropriate for other children to be in this delicate environment. Please call before bringing other children to discuss your situation.