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Private Consultation
These are scheduled 1:1 sixty minute private appointments with Robin, a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, an RN with her Doctorate in Nursing Practice, an  Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a  Perinatal Mental Health Certified Provider.  Read ABOUT her expertise and then call today to hear about the various opportunities for you that are offered. One will meet your needs.

Telemedicine Option These too are scheduled and insurance covered  1:1 private appointments with Robin.  

Prenatal Consultation or Breastfeeding Class Is it that time of your pregnancy when you start thinking more about breastfeeding and if pregnant again, start thinking about how things went the last time?  Let’s let LEARNING feel fun and fresh! If you are in need of a breastfeeding class or update, call and let’s get one scheduled for you. Classes can be private in a consultation (or gather some other pregnant friends) and learn together. You need your tribe in parenting.  Give us a call and let’s see what works for your schedule

Phone Consultation Most breastfeeding challenges are best handled with a thorough face-to-face history taking and evaluation. However, if you are looking for specific information regarding breastfeeding and infant care, special maternal or infant illness, or medications, information by MyChart may be just what you need.

Gram Scale Rental For electronic measurement of baby’s weight just before and just after breastfeeding. The difference between these two weights equals breastmilk intake. If it is important to monitor your baby’s intake at breast this scale, unlike others is sensitive to 2gm and the one to use!

“Do I really need a consultation?”   Risk factors to consider.

Some parents know they need help and/or their Doctor referrs them, but others ask “Do I really need a consultation?”  Consider these questions:

  • What if you did nothing?  Would your situation improve or deteriorate?
  • Do you need peace of mind or can you go a few more nights wondering?
  • Are you at a point in breastfeeding where a limited window of opportunity exists during which gains must be made or they’ll be lost? Are these conditions that need to be capitalized on?
  • Has something happened that has increased your urgency significantly?
  • Do you have a specific plan and are you comfortable with your plan?
  • Why does waiting seem reasonable? Would you tell your friend to wait?


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